The talenti social channel is an art directors dream. You get to be completely hands on with the projects, controlling every single detail with incredibly talented help to execute your visual dreams. The colors are bright, the content is fun. Working on the Talenti social shoots in between large projects is the most fun I've had at my job so far.


I was able to work with some incredibly talented photographers, writers, and producers to help bring the visions to life for each seasonal and quarterly brief for the Talenti social channels. Talenti's user base has an extreme love of art and pop-culture, which inspired many of the themes for each post. From a personal stand-point, these posts acted as a beautiful creative outlet, where I could let loose and make things with my own two hands. None of these would be possible without the wonderful creative problem solving and ingenuity of the teams I worked with to pull off some of these shots. I also got to make a couple of these Talenti spotify playlists to go with the posts: Talenti Playlists