For 11 years Subaru puts on their holiday philanthropic sales event, The Share The Love Event, where $250 from each car purchased goes towards one of four charities chosen by the owner. We were tasked with highlighting each individual charity during this event across 4 unique :30s spots, and one culmination spot that spoke to the charitable donations Subaru has been apart of over the years, supporting the ASPCA, National Park Foundation, Meals on Wheels, and Make-A-Wish .


We built each spot to culminate on the face of the person who is affected by the charitable donation, knowing that someones face is the biggest way to show emotion and build love. We wanted to make sure that each spot was punctuated by the person who is most affected and put the human on the pedestal above all else. That being said, this is a sales event, and lead to the highest record number of cars sold during the event. Dinner Date also ranked at #5 in terms of audience sentiment across all Subaru spots of all time, with the remaining spots significantly above average positive sentiment lift when compared to Subaru's long history.