We were tasked with creating print assets for Larabar with one goal in mind: Prove that real food can come in small packages. The core psychographic of Larabar doesn't believe that the center of store ie. packaged foods can be made completely out of the same real food found in the produce aisle. Instead of yelling this truth, we decided to show it.


Borrowing from the iconic simplicity of Larabars packaging, we built complimentary colorways that made the package itself pop off the page. We then constructed layers in the rectangular shape of our packaging out of the exact number of each ingredient used to create the bar. Everything down to the sprinkle of salt put into the PB bars was exact. Because our concept hinged on real food in packages, it was important that we construct each set practically, using only the real ingredients that go into each bar. The below images are the behind-the-scenes work of the genius stylist/prop master, Evelina Kleiner.