The World Cup draws significant interest across channels (was among the biggest events in social media history) and our users over-index for Soccer interest. With Team USA not qualifying for the tournament, there were lots of fans looking for a new team to root for. Knowing this, we brought this idea to KAYAK in a 48-hr special turn around project pitch, and convinced them that they deserved a voice in the conversation.


Together, and with a very limited budget, we developed the KAYAK Matchmaker, an interactive tool based on powerful fan culture and travel filters, that helps users filter down to the perfect World Cup team for them - so they can Fan with Confidence. We then worked with our internal content lab to create a hype video for the whole thing. Fans who participated could also enter to win a trip to the country they matched with. From video to tool to contest, we were on a mission to show Americans that just because the US team had to stay home, doesn’t mean the fans had to. With 6 different fan culture and travel filters, Matchmaker allows users to find their new "Fandom" based on their preferences.

Cool things aside, the project worked above and beyond expectations. With a very very small budget, the ROI was through the roof. Without going into too much bragging detail, let's just say KAYAK had an external consultant tell them they needed to do more work like the Matchmaker and it lead to continued projects for Carmichael Lynch.