A week and a half before the NFL Rookie Premiere, we learned that Fanatics had exclusive access to all of the Rookies. I don't know anything about football, but I know a few things about people. We decided to give the fans the exclusive rookie content they needed and deserved, because no one understands fans like Fanatics.


Going into the Rookie Premiere, we were aware of Ezekiel Elliots love for making his jerseys into crop tops. So we created a custom crop top Cowboys jersey for him so he could have one for his new team. During the Cowboys Fanatics livestream, we gifted him the croptop, as well as had him awkwardly turn another Cowboys jersey into a crop top during the live stream. We then sold the one-of-a-kind jersey on the Cowboys Fanatics website. Fans went crazy for it, and so many sports news sites picked up the story of the livestream and the crop-top. With the Fanatics team, we also made custom livestreams of each new rookie for every team, which populated both Fanatics main Facebook page, as well as the individual teams Facebook pages. It gave fans an opportunity to connect in real time with the new players for their teams. Fans asked questions, watched the Rookies compete in paper football, and talk about their favorite Jerseys. The Rookie livestream event boosted significant traffic and engagement across all of the Fanatics team sites, using the early launch of facebooks Livestream function.


During the time we had with each NFL Rookie, we worked with our directors to capture a sequence of reactions from each player. It was important to us that Fans had content that they could use from Fanatics while reacting to games during the season and smack-talking with their friends. After capturing these reaction gifs, we uploaded them to a fresh Fanatics Giphy page that would automatically populate into the GIF keyboards for people to use while texting. Above are some of my favorites.