When we won Culligan, we knew that on top of their new national TV campaign, they would need an entire brand refresh; including assets to be used across their dealer network for brand consistency. It was my responsibility to work on and oversee all of it.


We had several problems to solve with our print campaign that all needed to be contained in one visual system. First, we had to elevate the visuals of the brand into a more elegant and refined space while introducing the new tagline and mark, then we had to communicate the connection of water in your home to the people you love, and lastly we had to make it modular in order to be versioned for a multitude of undetermined future needs across their dealer network. Using a modular identity and photography system, we could rearrange and customize across a variety of dealer asset kit sizes including mailers/doorhangers/letterheads etc. Each of the 8 print ads could be customized with different headlines to meet a variety of needs within Culligans dealer network. Above are the print ads that were versioned based off our new visual system into hundreds of different dealer assets. I am forever indebted to Fallon's amazing studio team for their many hours spent versioning.