To reintroduce Culligan Water to the world, we wanted to use one of the biggest moments of the year: The Golden Globes. With this opportunity we could reach our demographic with an insiders reference to one of the greatest cult films of all-time. Furthermore, 2017 marked the 30 year anniversary of the Princess Bride, which means that the movie would be fresh in everyones minds, and everyone would know that "as you wish" means "I love you". And we love our people.


Movie fans know Carey Elwes as Wesley, AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts from the movie. In real life he is now a father 30 years later. Cary, proud of his role in the film, has a home filled with Princess Bride memorabilia, and plays into his old character every chance he gets. Like all good fathers, Cary wants to provide the best for his children. And when his daughter asks for things around the home, Cary can’t help but repeat his most famous line from his most famous movie. “As you wish.” Which is soon followed by his providing Culligan Water as the answer.